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This tutorial was create in Corel 16,
but can also made in the other Versions.




Step 1
Mehdi..Sorting Tiles
Toadis...What Are You
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impack.. Perspective Shadow
Bkg Designer sf3...SE Shiver Preparation

Double click the. fls files to save to your Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 -Impack-Perspectve Shadow Presets
Download supplies and extract to a file on your computer then
open in PSP and minimise
Save the gradient in your Gradient Folder
Save the love.PspBrush in your Brush Folder

Materials Palette

Maximimze the lovealpha.pspimage

Effects...Plugins ..Wavy Lab 1.1

Effects..Plugins..Toadis What Are You


Image... Seamless Tile

Effects...Mehdi..Sorting Tiles

Effects..Edge Effects..Enhance

Step 2

Selection 1
Image..Resize 85% All Layers not checked
Layers..New Raster Layer
Selections.. Load Save Selection..Load Selection From Alpha Channel
Selection 1

Selections..Modify ..Select Selection Borders 3
Both sides,Anti-alias checked Layers New Raster Layer,Flood Fill wiht # ac2e4c colour
Effects..3D Effects.. Inner Bevel

Selections.. Select None

Layers.. Merge Down

Step 3
Close the Copy of Raster Layer
Aktivate the Raster1 Layer
Maximize the stillife.pspimage,Edit.. Copy, Edit Paste As New Layer
Minimize for now
Image.. Seamless Tile

Adjust Blur.. Gaussian Blur 3o Effects..Plugins BkgDesigner 3.. Square Bums 48, 36

Layers Merge Down

Open he Copy of Raster, and Aktivate
Selections.. Load Save Selection
Load Selection From Alpha Channel,Selection 1
Edit Copy the stillife.pspimage,Edit-Paste Into SelectioSelections Select None

Layers New Raster Layer
Flood Fill With White Colour,Layers New Mask Layer... From Image

Laysres Merge Group
Effects .. Edge Effects.. Enhance
Edit.. Copy the lady.png image, Edit Paste As New Layer

Effects...Image Effect Offset

Pick Tool
Move down to the Right Side of the image
Effects... Plugins...Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impack.. Perspective Shadow,Finde the 198 Preset
Step 5
Layers New Laster Layer
Materials Pallete,change colour to # ac2e4c,Paint Brush finde the love.PspBrush
Settings... Size.. 341, Step..32 Density.. 1oo, Opacity.. 1oo

Effects..3D Effects Inner Bevel,same settings

Image Add Borders
Add Borders 3 pixel # ac2e4c
Add Borders 3 pixel #d9cdbb
Selections Select All
Add Borders 3o pixel #ffffff
Selections .. Invert,Flood Fill With Gradient change to Linear

Effects Plugins .. BKGDesigner3.. SE Shive

Effects..Edge Effects.. Enhance

Add Borders 2 pixel # ac2e4c
Add Borders 3 pixel #d9cdbb

Image...Resize Width 900,All Layers Chechked
add your watermark,File Export
JEPG Optimizer Copmression value 20
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