My name is Etelka, and this about me.
Around 2004 I started to get to know PSP programs which, at the time, were completely new and foreign to me.
Right around then I came across a Yahoo group Stepping-Stones-Trough-PSP.
I completed their classes form 1stclass to the last one.
Later I found Winni Groups where I was a member of almost all of their groups.
Recently I rejoined Winnie Groups and I am very happy to be a member again.
All of the moderators are very kind and allways helpful
Thanks to them I was able to overcome every difficulty that I have encountered
through the years. I live in Serbia, my native language is Hungarian, I also have a little English knowledge.
I have two kids and four grandkids all of them live in Germany .
Right now I have more free time to focus on my favorite hobbies, photo editing, and web design.





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